Tuesday, November 28, 2006

good health and transparency

This afternoon, an interview with the Chair of the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management, to find out about their extensive public engagement activities. Later, a brief discussion of the positive and negative impacts of innovation with Virginia, Mike and Adrian at SPRU. My favourite example of this is the car air bag, a variant of which was ergonomically designed to save men, but kill women, even at 15mph. Why? Because the engineers had tested the device using only male dummies. This evening: the Argus runs a story on us losing our Cafe Scientifique venue in Brighton. Headline: "Academics don't drink enough, says bar boss." Subheading: "Venue stops meetings where tap water is favourite tipple."

I plan an experiment involving 60 cafe scientifique participants, 60 pencils, some scrap paper, a calculator, the bar price list at our old and new pub venues, and a speech on empirical measurement, bias and reproducibility. Mike suggests calling it an investigation on the 'trickle down effect'.

Roll on our next meeting, December 5th.


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